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China Best Sales High Precision Spur Planetary Gear Reducer For Automatic Machine Tool wholesaler

Product Description

High Precision Spur Planetary Gear Reducer for Automatic Machine Tool

There are many kinds and models of reducers. According to the control accuracy, reducers can be divided into general transmission reducers and precision reducers: general transmission reducers have low control accuracy and can meet the basic power transmission requirements of general mechanical equipment; Precision reducer has high precision, long service life, small return clearance and high reliability. It is suitable for high-end fields such as industrial robots, CNC machine tools, aerospace and so on.

Product Parameters

1.With bevel gear reversing mechanism,right angle steering output is realized;
2.Square flange output,standard size;
3.The input specification are complete and there are many choices;
4.Spur transmission ,single cantilever structurer,design simple,high cost performance;
5.Keyway can be opened in the force shaft;
6.stable operation,low noise;
7.Size range:60-120mm
8.Ratio range:3-100;
10.Support custom according to drawings or samples

Specifications PVFN60 PVFN90 PVFN120
Technal Parameters
Max. Torque Nm 1.5times rated torque
Emergency Stop Torque Nm 2.5times rated torque
Max. Radial Load N 240 450 1240
Max. Axial Load N 220 430 1000
Torsional Rigidity Nm/arcmin 1.8 4.85 11
Max.Input Speed rpm 8000 6000 6000
Rated Input Speed rpm 4000 3500 3500
Noise dB ≤58 ≤60 ≤65
Average Life Time h 20000
Efficiency Of Full Load % L1≥95%       L2≥92%
Return Backlash P1 L1 arcmin ≤8 ≤8 ≤8
L2 arcmin ≤12 ≤12 ≤12
P2 L1 arcmin ≤16 ≤16 ≤16
L2 arcmin ≤20 ≤20 ≤20
Moment Of Inertia Table L1 3 Kg*cm2 0.46 1.73 12.78
4 Kg*cm2 0.46 1.73 12.78
5 Kg*cm2 0.46 1.73 12.78
7 Kg*cm2 0.41 1.42 11.38
10 Kg*cm2 0.41 1.42 11.38
L2 12 Kg*cm2 0.44 1.49 12.18
15 Kg*cm2 0.44 1.49 12.18
16 Kg*cm2 0.72 1.49 12.18
20 Kg*cm2 0.44 1.49 12.18
25 Kg*cm2 0.44 1.49 12.18
28 Kg*cm2 0.44 1.49 12.18
30 Kg*cm2 0.44 1.49 12.18
35 Kg*cm2 0.44 1.49 12.18
40 Kg*cm2 0.44 1.49 12.18
50 Kg*cm2 0.34 1.25 11.48
70 Kg*cm2 0.34 1.25 11.48
100 Kg*cm2 0.34 1.25 11.48
Technical Parameter Level Ratio   PVFN60 PVFN90 PVFN120
Rated Torque L1 3 Nm 27 96 161
4 Nm 40 122 210
5 Nm 40 122 210
7 Nm 34 95 170
10 Nm 16 56 86
L2 12 Nm 27 96 161
15 Nm 27 96 161
16 Nm 40 122 210
20 Nm 40 122 210
25 Nm 40 122 210
28 Nm 40 122 210
30 Nm 27 96 161
35 Nm 40 122 210
40 Nm 40 122 210
50 Nm 40 122 210
70 Nm 34 95 170
100 Nm 16 56 86
Degree Of Protection   IP65
Operation Temprature ºC  – 10ºC to -90ºC
Weight L1 kg 1.7 4.4 12
L2 kg 1.9 5 14

Company Profile

Packaging & Shipping

1. Lead time: 7-10 working days as usual, 20 working days in busy season, it will be based on the detailed order quantity;
2. Delivery: DHL/ UPS/ FEDEX/ EMS/ TNT


1. who are we?
Hefa Group is based in ZheJiang , China, start from 1998,has a 3 subsidiaries in total.The Main Products is planetary gearbox,timing belt pulley, helical gear,spur gear,gear rack,gear ring,chain wheel,hollow rotating platform,module,etc

2. how can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

3. how to choose the suitable planetary gearbox?
First of all,we need you to be able to provide relevant parameters.If you have a motor drawing,it will let us recommend a suitable gearbox for you faster.If not,we hope you can provide the following motor parameters:output speed,output torque,voltage,current,ip,noise,operating conditions,motor size and power,etc

4. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We are a 22 years experiences manufacturer on making the gears, specializing in manufacturing all kinds of spur/bevel/helical gear, grinding gear, gear shaft, timing pulley, rack, planetary gear reducer, timing belt and such transmission gear parts

5. what services can we provide?
Accepted Delivery Terms: Fedex,DHL,UPS;
Accepted Payment Currency:USD,EUR,HKD,GBP,CNY;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C,PayPal,Western Union;
Language Spoken:English,Chinese,Japanese

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Application: Motor, Machinery, Marine, Agricultural Machinery, Automation Equipment
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Vertical Type
US$ 221/set
1 set(Min.Order)


Order Sample



Customized Request

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

gear gearbox

Can you provide real-world examples of products that use gear reducer technology?

Certainly! Gear reducer technology is widely used in various industries and products to enhance performance and efficiency. Here are some real-world examples:

1. Industrial Machinery: Gear reducers are commonly used in manufacturing machinery, such as conveyor systems, material handling equipment, and assembly lines, where they help control speed and torque for precise operations.

2. Wind Turbines: Wind turbines utilize gear reducers to transform the low rotational speed of the wind turbine rotor into the higher speed needed for electricity generation, optimizing energy conversion.

3. Automotive Transmissions: Automobiles use gear reducers as part of their transmissions to optimize power delivery from the engine to the wheels, allowing the vehicle to operate efficiently at different speeds.

4. Robotics: Robotic systems rely on gear reducers to control the movement and articulation of robot arms, enabling precise and controlled motion for various applications.

5. Printing Presses: Gear reducers are integral to printing presses, ensuring accurate and synchronized movement of printing plates, rollers, and paper feed mechanisms.

6. Conveyor Belts: Conveyor systems in industries like mining, agriculture, and logistics use gear reducers to regulate the movement of materials along the conveyor belts.

7. Packaging Machinery: Gear reducers play a crucial role in packaging machines, controlling the speed and movement of packaging materials, filling mechanisms, and sealing components.

8. Cranes and Hoists: Cranes and hoists rely on gear reducers to lift heavy loads with precision and control, ensuring safe and efficient material handling.

9. Pumps and Compressors: Gear reducers are utilized in pumps and compressors to regulate fluid flow and pressure, optimizing energy usage in fluid transportation systems.

10. Agriculture Equipment: Tractors and other agricultural machinery use gear reducers to adjust the speed and power delivery for different tasks, such as plowing, planting, and harvesting.

These examples demonstrate the diverse applications of gear reducer technology across various industries, showcasing their role in enhancing efficiency, control, and performance in a wide range of products and systems.

gear gearbox

How do gear reducers handle shock loads and sudden changes in torque?

Gear reducers are designed to handle shock loads and sudden changes in torque through several mechanisms that enhance their durability and reliability in challenging operating conditions.

1. Robust Construction: Gear reducers are constructed using high-strength materials and precision manufacturing techniques. This ensures that the gears, bearings, and other components can withstand sudden impacts and high torque fluctuations without deformation or failure.

2. Shock-Absorbing Features: Some gear reducer designs incorporate shock-absorbing features, such as flexible couplings, elastomeric elements, or torsionally flexible gear designs. These features help dampen and dissipate the energy from sudden shocks or torque spikes, reducing the impact on the entire system.

3. Torque Limiters: In applications where shock loads are common, torque limiters may be integrated into the gear reducer. These devices automatically disengage or slip when a certain torque threshold is exceeded, preventing damage to the gears and other components.

4. Overload Protection: Gear reducers can be equipped with overload protection mechanisms, such as shear pins or torque sensors. These mechanisms detect excessive torque and disengage the drive temporarily, allowing the system to absorb the shock or adjust to the sudden torque change.

5. Proper Lubrication: Adequate lubrication is essential for managing shock loads and sudden torque changes. High-quality lubricants reduce friction and wear, helping the gear reducer withstand dynamic forces and maintain smooth operation.

6. Dynamic Load Distribution: Gear reducers distribute dynamic loads across multiple gear teeth, which helps prevent localized stress concentrations. This feature minimizes the risk of tooth breakage and gear damage when subjected to sudden changes in torque.

By incorporating these design features and mechanisms, gear reducers can effectively handle shock loads and sudden changes in torque, ensuring the longevity and reliability of various industrial and mechanical systems.

gear gearbox

What industries and machinery commonly utilize gear reducers?

Gear reducers are widely used across various industries and types of machinery for torque reduction and speed control. Some common industries and applications include:

  • 1. Manufacturing: Gear reducers are used in manufacturing equipment such as conveyors, mixers, and packaging machines to control speed and transmit power efficiently.
  • 2. Automotive: They are utilized in vehicles for applications like power transmission in transmissions and differentials.
  • 3. Aerospace: Gear reducers are used in aircraft systems, including landing gear mechanisms and engine accessories.
  • 4. Robotics and Automation: They play a crucial role in robotic arms, CNC machines, and automated production lines.
  • 5. Mining and Construction: Gear reducers are used in heavy machinery like excavators, bulldozers, and crushers for power transmission and torque multiplication.
  • 6. Energy and Power Generation: Wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, and other power generation equipment use gear reducers to convert rotational speed and transmit power.
  • 7. Marine and Shipbuilding: They are used in ship propulsion systems, steering mechanisms, and anchor handling equipment.
  • 8. Material Handling: Gear reducers are essential in conveyor systems, elevators, and hoists for controlled movement of materials.
  • 9. Food and Beverage: They find applications in food processing equipment like mixers, grinders, and packaging machines.
  • 10. Paper and Pulp: Gear reducers are used in machinery for pulp processing, paper production, and printing.

These examples represent just a fraction of the industries and machinery that benefit from the use of gear reducers to optimize power transmission and achieve the desired motion characteristics.

China Best Sales High Precision Spur Planetary Gear Reducer For Automatic Machine Tool   wholesaler China Best Sales High Precision Spur Planetary Gear Reducer For Automatic Machine Tool   wholesaler
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China high quality Spare Part Electric Gear Motor Transmission Gearbox Planetary Speed Reducer for Laser Machine best automatic gearbox

Product Description

Product Description:
  Planetar gearbox is a kind of reducer with wide versatility. The inner gear adopts low carbon alloy steel carburizing quenching and grinding or nitriding process. Planetary gearbox has the characteristics of small structure size, large output torque, high speed ratio, high efficiency, safe and reliable performance, etc. The inner gear of the planetary gearbox can be divided into spur gear and helical gear. 

Technical parameter:

Section number single section
Reduction ratio i 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rated output torque (Ta) Nm 55 50 60 55 50 45 40 40
Emergency stop torque (Tzwor*) Nm Three times the rated output torque
Rated input speed (n) rpm 5000
Maximum input speed (na) rpm 1000o
Ultra-precision backlash (PO) arcmin
Precision backlash (P1) arcmin ≤3
Standard backlash (P2) arcmin ≤5
Torsional rigidity Nm/arcmin 7
Allowable radial force  N 1530
allowable axial force  N 765
service life hr 20000
effectiveness (n) % ≥97%
weight kg 1.3
Operating temperature ºC -10°ºC~+90°ºC
lubricating   Synthetic grease
Protection class   IP64
Installation direction   any direction
Noise value(n1=3000rpm,no load) dB(A) ≤58
Moment of inertia (J) kg-cm’ 0.16      0.14       0.13


Rear Reducer features:

1. High-quality aluminum alloy, light in weight and non-rusting.
2. Large in output torque.
3. Smooth running and low noise,durable in dreadful conditions.
4. High radiation efficiency.
5. Good-looking appearance, durable in service life and small volume.
6. Suitable for omnibearing installation.

Company Information:

HangZhou ChangLong Motor Co.,Ltd

 ( original HangZhou LINNAN Special Motor Factory)


With 20 years’ hard working on developing , designing and manufacturing the high-speed electrical spindle, we have got our new GDZ-series electrical spindle, which is well recognized by clients for its great and stable quality after being put large quantities to the market. We provide quality guarantee and after-sales service for all of our products with the free manual work and the cost price for the materials or fittings.


How about the warrantly about your company?

bearings=half a year, other parts a year

Which kinds of bearing you are using?
It will according to your order. We have different price range for you with different bearing.

Do you have other spare parts for spindle motor, just like gripper, VFD, collet ?
We have all kits.And we can let engineers help you to program them.

Can I visit your factory?
Yes, welcome to our factory.

Do you have installation page?
Yes,we have.

Can you show me the inspection report ?

Yes We will send you inspection report of spindle after you send me full money before despatch.

The reasen is that I’m not sure which spindle will be sent to you.Every spindle have it’s inspection report .And they are different in details.Only if you pay the money,we can decide which spindle to deliver you.

We also have spindle motor matching inverter(VFD), collet , gripper etc.

If you need other kinds of parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Toy, Agricultural Machinery
Function: Distribution Power, Change Drive Torque, Speed Changing, Speed Reduction
Layout: Cycloidal
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Step: Double-Step
Type: Planetary Gear Box


Customized Request

gear gearbox

What are the considerations for choosing the appropriate lubrication for gear reducers?

Choosing the appropriate lubrication for gear reducers is crucial for ensuring optimal performance, longevity, and efficiency. Several considerations should be taken into account when selecting the right lubrication:

1. Load and Torque: The magnitude of the load and torque transmitted by the gear reducer affects the lubrication’s viscosity and film strength requirements. Heavier loads may necessitate higher viscosity lubricants.

2. Operating Speed: The speed at which the gear reducer operates impacts the lubrication’s ability to maintain a consistent and protective film between gear surfaces.

3. Temperature Range: Consider the temperature range of the operating environment. Lubricants with suitable viscosity indexes are crucial to maintaining performance under varying temperature conditions.

4. Contaminant Exposure: If the gear reducer is exposed to dust, dirt, water, or other contaminants, the lubrication should have proper sealing properties and resistance to contamination.

5. Lubrication Interval: Determine the desired maintenance interval. Some lubricants require more frequent replacement, while others offer extended operational periods.

6. Compatibility with Materials: Ensure that the chosen lubricant is compatible with the materials used in the gear reducer, including gears, bearings, and seals.

7. Noise and Vibration: Some lubricants have properties that can help reduce noise and dampen vibrations, improving the overall user experience.

8. Environmental Impact: Consider environmental regulations and sustainability goals when selecting lubricants.

9. Manufacturer Recommendations: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for lubrication type, viscosity grade, and maintenance intervals.

10. Monitoring and Analysis: Implement a lubrication monitoring and analysis program to assess lubricant condition and performance over time.

By carefully evaluating these considerations and consulting with lubrication experts, industries can choose the most suitable lubrication for their gear reducers, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

gear gearbox

How do gear reducers ensure efficient power transmission and motion control?

Gear reducers play a vital role in ensuring efficient power transmission and precise motion control in various industrial applications. They achieve this through the following mechanisms:

  • 1. Speed Reduction/Increase: Gear reducers allow you to adjust the speed between the input and output shafts. Speed reduction is essential when the output speed needs to be lower than the input speed, while speed increase is used when the opposite is required.
  • 2. Torque Amplification: By altering the gear ratio, gear reducers can amplify torque from the input to the output shaft. This enables machinery to handle higher loads and provide the necessary force for various tasks.
  • 3. Gear Train Efficiency: Well-designed gear trains within reducers minimize power losses during transmission. Helical and spur gears, for example, offer high efficiency by distributing load and reducing friction.
  • 4. Precision Motion Control: Gear reducers provide precise control over rotational motion. This is crucial in applications where accurate positioning, synchronization, or timing is required, such as in robotics, CNC machines, and conveyor systems.
  • 5. Backlash Reduction: Some gear reducers are designed to minimize backlash, which is the play between gear teeth. This reduction in play ensures smoother operation, improved accuracy, and better control.
  • 6. Load Distribution: Gear reducers distribute the load evenly among multiple gear teeth, reducing wear and extending the lifespan of the components.
  • 7. Shock Absorption: In applications where sudden starts, stops, or changes in direction occur, gear reducers help absorb and dampen shocks, protecting the machinery and ensuring reliable operation.
  • 8. Compact Design: Gear reducers provide a compact solution for achieving specific speed and torque requirements, allowing for space-saving integration into machinery.

By combining these principles, gear reducers facilitate the efficient and controlled transfer of power, enabling machinery to perform tasks accurately, reliably, and with the required force, making them essential components in a wide range of industries.

gear gearbox

How do gear reducers handle variations in input and output speeds?

Gear reducers are designed to handle variations in input and output speeds through the use of different gear ratios and configurations. They achieve this by utilizing intermeshing gears of varying sizes to transmit torque and control rotational speed.

The basic principle involves connecting two or more gears with different numbers of teeth. When a larger gear (driving gear) engages with a smaller gear (driven gear), the rotational speed of the driven gear decreases while the torque increases. This reduction in speed and increase in torque enable gear reducers to efficiently adapt to variations in input and output speeds.

The gear ratio is a critical factor in determining how much the speed and torque change. It is calculated by dividing the number of teeth on the driven gear by the number of teeth on the driving gear. A higher gear ratio results in a greater reduction in speed and a proportionate increase in torque.

Planetary gear reducers, a common type, use a combination of gears including sun gears, planet gears, and ring gears to achieve different speed reductions and torque enhancements. This design provides versatility in handling variations in speed and torque requirements.

In summary, gear reducers handle variations in input and output speeds by using specific gear ratios and gear arrangements that enable them to efficiently transmit power and control motion characteristics according to the application’s needs.

China high quality Spare Part Electric Gear Motor Transmission Gearbox Planetary Speed Reducer for Laser Machine   best automatic gearbox	China high quality Spare Part Electric Gear Motor Transmission Gearbox Planetary Speed Reducer for Laser Machine   best automatic gearbox
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China Best Sales 10-50 Ton Per Batch Rice Grain Drying Machine Maize Corn Paddy Dryer best automatic gearbox

Warranty: 1 Year
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Farms, Home Use, Food Shop
Weight (KG): 5000
Showroom Location: Viet Nam, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Kenya, South Korea, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, Nigeria
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: New Product 2571
Warranty of core components: 1.5 years
Core Components: PLC, Engine, Bearing, Gearbox, Motor, Pressure vessel, Gear, Pump
Type: Grain Processing Equipment
Use: Agriculture
Condition: New
Key Selling Points: High Productivity
Product name: 10-50 Ton Per Batch Rice Grain Drying Machine Maize Corn Paddy Dryer
Application: Paddy, rice, corn, wheat, paddy, sesame, sorghum, etc
Capacity: 15–100 tons per day
Discount: 5% or more commission
Delivery time: Shipped within 20 days after payment, 100% on-time delivery rate
Raw material: Carbon Steel or stainless steel
Power: 8.7 kw
Fuel: Coal, wood, rice husk, diesel, etc
Color: Yellow or custom
WhatsApp: 1
Packaging Details: 10-50 Ton Per Batch Rice Grain Drying Machine Maize Corn Paddy DryerStandard export containers, nude packing for main machine, plywood box for spare parts or the package of the grain dryer according to customers’ requirements.
Port: ZheJiang , HangZhou, HangZhou, ZheJiang , HangZhou, HangZhou

Haokebang 5H-KB low temperature batch circulation grain dryer is an ideal drying equipment for drying grains. It adopts multifunctional machine design, indirect hot air heating, large capacity, and increases the drying layer area. Due to the ingenious structural design, the required power is reduced, and the drying efficiency is improved on the basis of saving space and energy for users. The use of the grain drying equipment can effectively reduce the drying rate of grain and grain, and improve the grain accuracy, thereby improving the quality of grain. ApplicationGrain dryer is suitable for efficient drying all cereals, grains, beans and seeds of all crops such as corn, CPT Cast Iron One Groove BK50 Light Duty Spoked v Belt Sheaves for 4L or A, 5L or B belt wheat, rice, soybean, sorghum, rapeseed, cashew, barley, etc. It is suitable to all kinds of farm. Features– Dry different materials without replacing parts; electrostatic spray.- High thermal efficiency, low unit energy consumption and high productivity.- Uniform heat, low thermal damage, low breakage rate, full and complete particles, high seed germination rate.- Environmentally friendly hot blast stove, low noise, weak vibration, fuel saving, low cost (rice husk, corn cob, diesel, coal, etc. can be used as its fuel) and long service life.- Easy to disassemble and ship, occupying a small area and low labor operation intensity.- Simple structure, high quality and low price, low investment cost and no site restrictions.- The combustion chamber is made of 310s high temperature resistant stainless steel.- PLC control box, fully automatic control system, touch screen display, easy to operate. Working Principle 5H-KB Series Grain DryerThe crops are input from the top of the tower through the bucket elevator, and through the distribution device to ensure that the equipment is always in a full load state during operation. The induced draft fan introduces the hot air into the inside of the tower body, and the rice crops are combined with the bottomless V-shaped baffles that are turned inward and the multi-row V-shaped baffles arranged staggered for processing, so that the rice crops can be mixed with the hot air, and also serve as a The inlet and outlet channels of drying air, most of the drying air can be recycled, and the water vapor generated when the material is dried is discharged from the dryer exhaust system, so the fuel consumption is very small. Sturcture Cross matrix drying layerThe use of galvanized steel heating system and heating pipe air intake can effectively penetrate the hot air into the grain, and the cross-shaped matrix arrangement can maximize the turnover of the grain, make the drying more uniform. The hourly precipitation efficiency is 10%~20% higher than similar products. The dryer is designed so that the grain can be fully turned over, the sundries and dust in the grain can be fully removed, and the cleanliness is high. The grain-distributing systemThe grain-distributing system adopts multiple rounds of grain-distribution, uniform grain distribution, small resistance during the grain-distribution process, reduced bearing capacity of a single grain-distributing wheel, reduced power required, low grain breakage rate, and long service life. PLC automatic control systemThe PLC automatic control system has 2 modes: one-key start and manual operation, and real-time computer monitoring of temperature and grain moisture, fault alarm and positioning display. Self-flow discharge & BaseSelf-flow discharge can reduce the breaking rate of grain when it collides with the conveying blade, and the effect is better when drying larger grain corn. The stainless steel bottom bin is adopted to reduce the friction coefficient of grains and improve the service life of the dryer.The base is welded by high-strength rectangular tube, which is corrosion-resistant, BMZ 2 years guarantee real gold IP plating CZPT unisex cuban chain 45600.30.5 cm gold smooth 24 inches 18K gold cuban chains high compressive strength. Mixed flow double impeller fanThe SWF series mixed flow double impeller fan is developed and manufactured by combining the characteristics of axial flow fan and centrifugal fan. Axial fans have the advantages of large air volume and centrifugal fans, so they are called “mixed flow” fans. The fan has the advantages of large air volume, smooth exhaust, low noise, low energy consumption, high dehumidification efficiency, and good stability. Specification

Model Specification5H-KB-155H-KB-205H-KB-35
Structural StyleCirculatory Type
Capacity15 tons/batch20 tons/batch35 tons/batch
Overall Weight3075kg3350kg8000kg
Drying Rate(%/h)0.5~1.20.5~1.50.5~1.2
Installed Capacity28m³37m³63m³
Type Of FuelBiomass pellet rice husk dual-purpose furnace(independent research and development)/natural gas/liquefied petroleum gas
The above data is for reference only. For more information, please contact us.
Packing & Delivery Related Products Company Profile ZheJiang Haokebang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is specializes in the production of grain dryers, silos, tubular dryers, mesh belt dryers, grain cleaning screens and other grain processing equipment. Our company has more than 100 management personnel and engineering and technical personnel with intermediate and senior professional titles. It is a modern enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and maintenance. The company has a large number of skilled technicians, professional overseas installation teams and experienced after-sales service teams, which can provide users with solutions and equipment from a single equipment to a complete set of grain cleaning, drying, storage, and selected systems. And professional customized service technical support, reliable spare parts supply and high-quality after-sales service. Products have passed ISO, CE and other certifications, attracting customers from all over the world with efficient sales team and competitive price advantage, we have exported to more than 50 countries, including the United States, Russia, South Korea, Nigeria, Tanzania, UgHangZhou , Colombia, Thailand, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Kenya and other countries and regions. After-sales Services– Provide multi-form installation services, including remote guidance, such as telephone and video with installation engineers. And provide installation drawings, door-to-door installation and other services. Customers can easily choose according to their own situation.- Quality guarantee is 1 year after installation and commissioning or 18 months after leaving China Port. Maturity is the first.- 7 days x 24 hours service, within 24 hours reply/solve of any technical issues CZPT request.- Routinely telephone track to remove all might be problems or issues guarantying the whole system long-lasting safety and reliability.- HKB will consider all other needs like customs clearance, sea delivery, insurance, customs tax benefit plan, documentation, Automotive Car Parts CZPT Shaft Outer Inner C.V Joint for CZPT Sienna 3.5 4WD 2015-2015 CZPT Asx Suzuki Honda mazda2 etc. So our respected Users feel so relaxed and easy to get the grain drying system well. Contact Us


Key Market Insights Related to Worm Reduction Gearboxes

A gearbox is a mechanical device that allows you to shift between different speeds or gears. It does so by using one or more clutches. Some gearboxes are single-clutch, while others use two clutches. You can even find a gearbox with closed bladders. These are also known as dual clutches and can shift gears more quickly than other types. Performance cars are designed with these types of gearboxes.

Backlash measurement

Gearbox backlash is a common component that can cause noise or other problems in a car. In fact, the beats and sets of gears in a gearbox are often excited by the oscillations of the engine torque. Noise from gearboxes can be significant, particularly in secondary shafts that engage output gears with a differential ring. To measure backlash and other dimensional variations, an operator can periodically take the output shaft’s motion and compare it to a known value.
A comparator measures the angular displacement between two gears and displays the results. In one method, a secondary shaft is disengaged from the gearbox and a control gauge is attached to its end. A threaded pin is used to secure the differential crown to the secondary shaft. The output pinion is engaged with the differential ring with the aid of a control gauge. The angular displacement of the secondary shaft is then measured by using the dimensions of the output pinion.
Backlash measurements are important to ensure the smooth rotation of meshed gears. There are various types of backlash, which are classified according to the type of gear used. The first type is called circumferential backlash, which is the length of the pitch circle around which the gear rotates to make contact. The second type, angular backlash, is defined as the maximum angle of movement between two meshed gears, which allows the other gear to move when the other gear is stationary.
The backlash measurement for gearbox is one of the most important tests in the manufacturing process. It is a criterion of tightness or looseness in a gear set, and too much backlash can jam a gear set, causing it to interface on the weaker part of its gear teeth. When backlash is too tight, it can lead to gears jamming under thermal expansion. On the other hand, too much backlash is bad for performance.

Worm reduction gearboxes

Worm reduction gearboxes are used in the production of many different kinds of machines, including steel and power plants. They are also used extensively in the sugar and paper industries. The company is constantly aiming to improve their products and services to remain competitive in the global marketplace. The following is a summary of key market insights related to this type of gearbox. This report will help you make informed business decisions. Read on to learn more about the advantages of this type of gearbox.
Compared to conventional gear sets, worm reduction gearboxes have few disadvantages. Worm gear reducers are commonly available and manufacturers have standardized their mounting dimensions. There are no unique requirements for shaft length, height, and diameter. This makes them a very versatile piece of equipment. You can choose to use one or combine several worm gear reducers to fit your specific application. And because they have standardized ratios, you will not have to worry about matching up multiple gears and determining which ones fit.
One of the primary disadvantages of worm reduction gearboxes is their reduced efficiency. Worm reduction gearboxes usually have a maximum reduction ratio of five to sixty. The higher-performance hypoid gears have an output speed of around ten to twelve revolutions. In these cases, the reduced ratios are lower than those with conventional gearing. Worm reduction gearboxes are generally more efficient than hypoid gear sets, but they still have a low efficiency.
The worm reduction gearboxes have many advantages over traditional gearboxes. They are simple to maintain and can work in a range of different applications. Because of their reduced speed, they are perfect for conveyor belt systems.

Worm reduction gearboxes with closed bladders

The worm and the gear mesh with each other in a combination of sliding and rolling movements. This sliding action is dominant at high reduction ratios, and the worm and gear are made of dissimilar metals, which results in friction and heat. This limits the efficiency of worm gears to around thirty to fifty percent. A softer material for the gear can be used to absorb shock loads during operation.
A normal gear changes its output independently once a sufficient load is applied. However, the backstop complicates the gear configuration. Worm gears require lubrication because of the sliding wear and friction introduced during movement. A common gear arrangement moves power at the peak load section of a tooth. The sliding happens at low speeds on either side of the apex and occurs at a low velocity.
Single-reduction gearboxes with closed bladders may not require a drain plug. The reservoir for a worm gear reducer is designed so that the gears are in constant contact with lubricant. However, the closed bladders will cause the worm gear to wear out more quickly, which can cause premature wear and increased energy consumption. In this case, the gears can be replaced.
Worm gears are commonly used for speed reduction applications. Unlike conventional gear sets, worm gears have higher reduction ratios. The number of gear teeth in the worm reduces the speed of a particular motor by a substantial amount. This makes worm gears an attractive option for hoisting applications. In addition to their increased efficiency, worm gears are compact and less prone to mechanical failure.

Shaft arrangement of a gearbox

The ray-diagram of a gearbox shows the arrangement of gears in the various shafts of the transmission. It also shows how the transmission produces different output speeds from a single speed. The ratios that represent the speed of the spindle are called the step ratio and the progression. A French engineer named Charles Renard introduced five basic series of gearbox speeds. The first series is the gear ratio and the second series is the reverse gear ratio.
The layout of the gear axle system in a gearbox relates to its speed ratio. In general, the speed ratio and the centre distance are coupled by the gear axles to form an efficient transmission. Other factors that may affect the layout of the gear axles include space constraints, the axial dimension, and the stressed equilibrium. In October 2009, the inventors of a manual transmission disclosed the invention as No. 2. These gears can be used to realize accurate gear ratios.
The input shaft 4 in the gear housing 16 is arranged radially with the gearbox output shaft. It drives the lubricating oil pump 2. The pump draws oil from a filter and container 21. It then delivers the lubricating oil into the rotation chamber 3. The chamber extends along the longitudinal direction of the gearbox input shaft 4, and it expands to its maximum diameter. The chamber is relatively large, due to a detent 43.
Different configurations of gearboxes are based on their mounting. The mounting of gearboxes to the driven equipment dictates the arrangement of shafts in the gearbox. In certain cases, space constraints also affect the shaft arrangement. This is the reason why the input shaft in a gearbox may be offset horizontally or vertically. However, the input shaft is hollow, so that it can be connected to lead through lines or clamping sets.

Mounting of a gearbox

In the mathematical model of a gearbox, the mounting is defined as the relationship between the input and output shafts. This is also known as the Rotational Mount. It is one of the most popular types of models used for drivetrain simulation. This model is a simplified form of the rotational mount, which can be used in a reduced drivetrain model with physical parameters. The parameters that define the rotational mount are the TaiOut and TaiIn of the input and output shaft. The Rotational Mount is used to model torques between these two shafts.
The proper mounting of a gearbox is crucial for the performance of the machine. If the gearbox is not aligned properly, it may result in excessive stress and wear. It may also result in malfunctioning of the associated device. Improper mounting also increases the chances of the gearbox overheating or failing to transfer torque. It is essential to ensure that you check the mounting tolerance of a gearbox before installing it in a vehicle.

China Best Sales 10-50 Ton Per Batch Rice Grain Drying Machine Maize Corn Paddy Dryer   best automatic gearbox	China Best Sales 10-50 Ton Per Batch Rice Grain Drying Machine Maize Corn Paddy Dryer   best automatic gearbox
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China OEM 1000W Handheld Hand-held Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal 2000W Fiber Laser Water Cooling System Cleaning Machine automatic gearbox

Condition: New
Power: 2.6 drive shaft center support bearing Mexico, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Morocco, Kenya, Argentina, South Korea, Chile, UAE, Colombia, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Romania, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan
Showroom Location: Egypt, Canada, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, France, Germany, Viet Nam, Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Morocco, Kenya, Argentina, South Korea, Chile, UAE, Colombia, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Romania, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Australia
After-sales Service Provided: offline/online
Product name: Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine
Laser power: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W
Function: remove resin stains, paint-coat, bending pared cuerdas couverture aerial hammock fitnesstension pulley iyengar yoga wall ropes rust, cladding material, and paint
Power Supply Voltage: 220V, 50HZ/60HZ
Cooling system: Industrial water cooling
Wavelength: 1080nm
Control system: RelFar
Clean way: Non-touch Laser Cleaning
Cleaning Type: Handheld Contious Laser
Cleaning gun: RelFar
Packaging Details: Packing with plywood box1. machine cleaning 2. protective film wrapping 3. wooden box sealing 4. box nailing5. metal strap fastening
Port: HangZhou ZheJiang HangZhou HangZhou HangZhou

1000W Handheld Hand-held Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal 2000W Fiber Laser Water Cooling System Cleaning Machine(fiber laser cleaning machine/rust oil removal machine/metal laser cleaning machine) Machine Features:The traditional industrial cleaning mode mostly uses chemical agents and mechanical methods for cleaning. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and safety, the types of chemicals that can be used in industrial production cleaning will become less and less. Cleaner and non-destructive cleaning method is a problem we have to consider: continuous fiber laser cleaning machine has the characteristics of no grinding, no contact, no thermal effect and suitable for various materials, which is considered to be the most reliable and effective solution. At the same time, laser cleaning can solve the problems that can not be solved by traditional cleaning methods.

ModelZLC-1000WLaser SourceJPT/Raycus/MAX
Laser TypeFiberCleaning width0-15cm
Laser Power1KW/1.5KW/2KWFiber wire length10 meters
Collimating focal length50CMControl systemRelFar
Cleaning head weightCleaning head weightOperate modeContinuation/ Modulate
Focus length40CMAdjustable format0-15CM
Cooling chillerIndustrial water chillerLaser headRelFar brand
Operation systemRuida brandCertificateCE,ISO,CCC
Before&After Details Images Laser sourceWe support Raycus, MAX, JPT,etc. brand fiber laser source, you can choose what you want. Control system RelFarController.Fiber laser cleaning machine control system with friendly operation display. Handheld Laser Cleaning HeadThe cleaning head is extremely lightweight, 620g only (not include delivery cable), and can be operated by hand for a long time. Cooling systemThe chiller of the hand-held laser welding machine is placed in the casing, which not only reduces the floor area of the machine, but also adds a protective device to the chiller. We support Hanli, S&A, DVT brands water chiller. Packing & Shipping Seaworthy plywood case packageThe packaging method adopts plastic foam, plastic wrap and fumigation-free plywood to prevent damage caused by the machine during transportation. Company Profile CZPT Laser is a professional manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machine. We have strict and systematic quality control for each process, from material, production to delivery. We use high-tech precision instruments to measure the accuracy and transmission speed of the machine. The main tests include track transmission accuracy level test, cutting head vertical test, bed parallel and vertical test, etc. In order to ensure high precision, each equipment has undergone fine milling and high temperature aging treatment, and the structure will not be deformed after long-term use. To provide customers with tailor-made services to meetdifferent work needs, CZPT has established an independent R&D department with 12 professional engineers. CZPT will update and innovate regularly. Why Choose Us High Quality Requirement from ourselfIn order to ensure the high precision, every equipment will be finished with fine milling and high-temperature aging treatment, the structure will not deform after long-term use. Strict Quality ControlZLTECH has a strict and systematic quality control for each processing, from materials, production and delivery. We use high-tech precision instruments to measure the accuracy and transmission speed of the machine. The main test includes rail transmission accuracy level test, cutting head vertical test, bed parallel and perpendicular test, etc. Independent and Experienced R&D DepartmentIn order to provide customized services and meet different working requirement for our customers, CZPT established 1 independent R&D department, which has 12 professional engineers. CZPT will update and innovate regularly. Professional After-Sale ServiceZLTECH has 1 professional after sale team which can provide technical support to customers in time. Online training and door training are both available, welcome to visit us at any time. 1. 3 Years warranty 2. 24-hour full after sales service.3. OEM & ODM service4. Online training, factory training, onsite training free of charge. FAQ 1.If I do not know how to operate the machine, how you can help me ?First, we have detail user manual and videos for your learning. Then we can provide training in our factory or your place. If you have any other questions, our engineers will help you online, via tel, or email.2. What’s your warranty?Our warranty is 3 years, if there is any quality problems during warranty, we will send you new parts free of charge.3.How about the shipping cost?Please let us know your nearest seaport or door address, we will confirm the shipping cost with shipping companies.4.How long can delivery the machine ?Common machine can be delivered within 3-7 days. Customized machine need 12-14 days.5.How about the payment?T/T,20% in advance and balance before shipping. We also accept Credit Card, Paypal, Western Union, LC, Customized Steel Gear for Gearbox Nonstandard Parts Worm Gear Wide Varieties Metal Construction Spare Parts ODM & OEM 10pcs DP, DA.


The Parts of a Gearbox

There are many parts of a Gearbox, and this article will help you understand its functions and components. Learn about its maintenance and proper care, and you’ll be on your way to repairing your car. The complexity of a Gearbox also makes it easy to make mistakes. Learn about its functions and components so that you’ll be able to make the best choices possible. Read on to learn more. Then, get your car ready for winter!


Gearboxes are fully integrated mechanical components that consist of a series of gears. They also contain shafts, bearings, and a flange to mount a motor. The terms gearhead and gearbox are not often used interchangeably in the motion industry, but they are often synonymous. Gearheads are open gearing assemblies that are installed in a machine frame. Some newer designs, such as battery-powered mobile units, require tighter integration.
The power losses in a gearbox can be divided into no-load and load-dependent losses. The no-load losses originate in the gear pair and the bearings and are proportional to the ratio of shaft speed and torque. The latter is a function of the coefficient of friction and speed. The no-load losses are the most serious, since they represent the largest proportion of the total loss. This is because they increase with speed.
Temperature measurement is another important preventive maintenance practice. The heat generated by the gearbox can damage components. High-temperature oil degrades quickly at high temperatures, which is why the sump oil temperature should be monitored periodically. The maximum temperature for R&O mineral oils is 93degC. However, if the sump oil temperature is more than 200degF, it can cause seal damage, gear and bearing wear, and premature failure of the gearbox.
Regardless of its size, the gearbox is a crucial part of a car’s drivetrain. Whether the car is a sports car, a luxury car, or a farm tractor, the gearbox is an essential component of the vehicle. There are two main types of gearbox: standard and precision. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important consideration when selecting a gearbox is the torque output.
The main shaft and the clutch shaft are the two major components of a gearbox. The main shaft runs at engine speed and the countershaft may be at a lower speed. In addition to the main shaft, the clutch shaft has a bearing. The gear ratio determines the amount of torque that can be transferred between the countershaft and the main shaft. The drive shaft also has another name: the propeller shaft.
The gears, shafts, and hub/shaft connection are designed according to endurance design standards. Depending on the application, each component must be able to withstand the normal stresses that the system will experience. Oftentimes, the minimum speed range is ten to twenty m/s. However, this range can differ between different transmissions. Generally, the gears and shafts in a gearbox should have an endurance limit that is less than that limit.
The bearings in a gearbox are considered wear parts. While they should be replaced when they wear down, they can be kept in service much longer than their intended L10 life. Using predictive maintenance, manufacturers can determine when to replace the bearing before it damages the gears and other components. For a gearbox to function properly, it must have all the components listed above. And the clutch, which enables the transmission of torque, is considered the most important component.


A gearbox is a fully integrated mechanical component that consists of mating gears. It is enclosed in a housing that houses the shafts, bearings, and flange for motor mounting. The purpose of a gearbox is to increase torque and change the speed of an engine by connecting the two rotating shafts together. A gearbox is generally made up of multiple gears that are linked together using couplings, belts, chains, or hollow shaft connections. When power and torque are held constant, speed and torque are inversely proportional. The speed of a gearbox is determined by the ratio of the gears that are engaged to transmit power.
The gear ratios in a gearbox are the number of steps a motor can take to convert torque into horsepower. The amount of torque required at the wheels depends on the operating conditions. A vehicle needs more torque than its peak torque when it is moving from a standstill. Therefore, the first gear ratio is used to increase torque and move the vehicle forward. To move up a gradient, more torque is required. To maintain momentum, the intermediate gear ratio is used.
As metal-to-metal contact is a common cause of gearbox failure, it is essential to monitor the condition of these components closely. The main focus of the proactive series of tests is abnormal wear and contamination, while the preventative tests focus on oil condition and additive depletion. The AN and ferrous density tests are exceptions to this rule, but they are used more for detecting abnormal additive depletion. In addition, lubrication is critical to the efficiency of gearboxes.


Daily maintenance is a critical aspect of the life cycle of a gearbox. During maintenance, you must inspect all gearbox connection parts. Any loose or damaged connection part should be tightened immediately. Oil can be tested using an infrared thermometer and particle counters, spectrometric analysis, or ferrography. You should check for excessive wear and tear, cracks, and oil leaks. If any of these components fail, you should replace them as soon as possible.
Proper analysis of failure patterns is a necessary part of any preventative maintenance program. This analysis will help identify the root cause of gearbox failures, as well as plan for future preventative maintenance. By properly planning preventative maintenance, you can avoid the expense and inconvenience of repairing or replacing a gearbox prematurely. You can even outsource gearbox maintenance to a company whose experts are knowledgeable in this field. The results of the analysis will help you create a more effective preventative maintenance program.
It is important to check the condition of the gearbox oil periodically. The oil should be changed according to its temperature and the hours of operation. The temperature is a significant determinant of the frequency of oil changes. Higher temperatures require more frequent changes, and the level of protection from moisture and water reduces by 75%. At elevated temperatures, the oil’s molecular structure breaks down more quickly, inhibiting the formation of a protective film.
Fortunately, the gear industry has developed innovative technologies and services that can help plant operators reduce their downtime and ensure optimal performance from their industrial gears. Here are 10 steps to ensure that your gearbox continues to serve its purpose. When you are preparing for maintenance, always keep in mind the following tips:
Regular vibration analysis is a vital part of gearbox maintenance. Increased vibration signals impending problems. Visually inspect the internal gears for signs of spiraling and pitting. You can use engineers’ blue to check the contact pattern of gear teeth. If there is a misalignment, bearings or housings are worn and need replacement. Also make sure the breathers remain clean. In dirty applications, this is more difficult to do.
Proper lubrication is another key factor in the life of gearboxes. Proper lubrication prevents failure. The oil must be free of foreign materials and have the proper amount of flow. Proper lubricant selection depends on the type of gear, reduction ratio, and input power. In addition to oil level, the lubricant must be regulated for the size and shape of gears. If not, the lubricant should be changed.
Lack of proper lubrication reduces the strength of other gears. Improper maintenance reduces the life of the transmission. Whether the transmission is overloaded or undersized, excessive vibration can damage the gear. If it is not properly lubricated, it can be damaged beyond repair. Then, the need for replacement gears may arise. However, it is not a time to waste a lot of money and time on repairs.

China OEM 1000W Handheld Hand-held Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal 2000W Fiber Laser Water Cooling System Cleaning Machine   automatic gearbox	China OEM 1000W Handheld Hand-held Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal 2000W Fiber Laser Water Cooling System Cleaning Machine   automatic gearbox
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China 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w 3 In 1 Laser Welding Price Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine best automatic gearbox

Problem: New
Electricity: 1500W, 1000W
Applicable Materials: Stainless metal, Carbon metal, Aluminum, Metal
Online video outgoing-inspection: Presented
Machinery Test Report: Supplied
Marketing Type: New Item 2571
Warranty of main elements: 3 several years
Core Parts: PLC, Engine, Bearing, Gearbox, Motor, Strain vessel, Gear, Pump
Laser Variety: Fiber Laser
Dimension(L*W*H): 1571*600*910mm
Yr: 2571
Laser Source Manufacturer: JPT
Laser Head Model: ruifa
Handle System Model: ruifa
Bodyweight (KG): 150 KG
Crucial Promoting Points: Easy to Work
Guarantee: 2 years
Applicable Industries: Printing Shops, Producing Plant, Meals & Beverage Manufacturing unit, Farms, Resorts, Property Use, Garment Shops, Foodstuff & Beverage Retailers, Construction works , Restaurant, Machinery Restore Shops, Advertising Organization, Foods Store, Energy & Mining, Retail, Building Material Retailers
Local Service Location: Viet Nam, Brazil, VKME Classic Gold Plated 4Pcs Url Chain Bracelets Bangles Established Higher Polished Appeal Gold Bracelet For Women Jewellery Peru, Indonesia, Russia, Spain, Australia, Morocco, South Korea
Showroom Place: Egypt, Turkey, United States, Italy, Germany, Viet Nam, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Morocco, Chile
After-revenue Provider Presented: On the internet Providers
Product identify: Laser Cleansing Machine Steel
Laser energy: 1000W / 1500W / 2000W
Wavelength variety: ongoing
Electricity steadiness: much better than 5%
Electrical power adjustment assortment(%): ten-a hundred (gradient adjustable)
Repetition frequency(KHz): 20-200 (gradient adjustable)
Fiber length: 5-10m
Cooling technique: H2o-cooling
ScHangZhou variety: 5mm ~ 120mm , Repeatedly adjustable
Focal duration of field lens ( mm ): 160mm (Optional 160mm-500mm
Packaging Particulars: Specialist package1. Whole film packaging machine 2. Anti-collision deal edge 3. Fumigation-free of charge plywood picket box.

Products Description Accessories Comparison Equipment Parameter

1Product IdentifyLaser Cleaning Device
2Laser electrical power1000W / 1500W / 2000W
3Wavelength sortcontinuous
4Power steadinessbetter than 5%
5Power adjustment selection(%)10-100 (gradient adjustable)
6Repetition frequency(KHz)20-200 (gradient adjustable)
7Fiber length5-10m
8Cooling techniqueWater-cooling
9ScHangZhou assortment5mm ~ 120mm , Repeatedly adjustable
10Focal length of discipline lens ( mm )160mm (Optional 160mm-500mm )
11Depth of emphasismax 10mm
12Overall dimensionsabout 1055mmx620mmx1090mm
13Total Bodyweightabout 190KG
14cleaning head excess weightabout 1.9kg
15voltage220V / 380V, 50 / 60HZ
16working temperature5℃~ 40℃
Sample Present Company Profile Xinde Laser Gear Co.Ltd was started in 2006, which is a specialist China laser equipment manufacturer with main technological innovation and impartial mental residence rights, Custom made 10k CZPT Gold Cuban Necklace VVS Moissanite CZPT Tester Move Ice Out Hip Hop 14k Actual Gold Chain 9MM 10MM 11MM 12MM we are dedicated to the growth and manufacture of laser marking, laser welding and laser cleansing equipment. We are always delivering customers with large high quality items, competitive prices, appearance of different customized types, and excellent solutions. As a top business of smart manufacturing in China, we are continually innovating and developing more than sixteen years, our attempts deliver us secure clients from property and abroad, you can locate our products in over 180 countries from Europe, Africa, Mid east, The united states, Oceania, and Southeast Asia, which push us to be a CZPT laser machine manufacturer. With the expanded industry, we sincerely hope to cooperate with customers from all more than the entire world. With fine fitting parts and superior tactics, our products expand stably, in the fields of furnishings generating, jewelry chopping, decorations, arts and crafts, commercials, woodworking, steel fabrication, mould producing, clothing. With superiorperformance-to-value ratio, higher good quality, and best publish-income provider, the market place share of our products expands unceasingly. We will unceasingly build and innovate with our full enthusiasm, GJF auto transmission systemscv travel shaft provider axle shaft still left travel shaft for Chevrolet Lova MT 2006-2011 C-GM571A-8H to have CZPT our manufacturer and offer you greater merchandise for our consumers. FAQ


What Is a Gearbox?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a gearbox. Backlash, for example, is a consideration, as it is the angle at which the output shaft can rotate without the input shaft moving. While this isn’t necessary in applications without load reversals, it is important for precision applications involving load reversals. Examples of these applications include automation and robotics. If backlash is a concern, you may want to look at other factors, such as the number of teeth in each gear.

Function of a gearbox

A gearbox is a mechanical unit that consists of a chain or set of gears. The gears are mounted on a shaft and are supported by rolling element bearings. These devices alter the speed or torque of the machine they are used in. Gearboxes can be used for a wide variety of applications. Here are some examples of how gearboxes function. Read on to discover more about the gears that make up a gearbox.
Regardless of the type of transmission, most gearboxes are equipped with a secondary gear and a primary one. While the gear ratios are the same for both the primary and secondary transmission, the gearboxes may differ in size and efficiency. High-performance racing cars typically employ a gearbox with two green and one blue gear. Gearboxes are often mounted in the front or rear of the engine.
The primary function of a gearbox is to transfer torque from one shaft to another. The ratio of the driving gear’s teeth to the receiving member determines how much torque is transmitted. A large gear ratio will cause the main shaft to revolve at a slower speed and have a high torque compared to its counter shaft. Conversely, a low gear ratio will allow the vehicle to turn at a lower speed and produce a lower torque.
A conventional gearbox has input and output gears. The countershaft is connected to a universal shaft. The input and output gears are arranged to match the speed and torque of each other. The gear ratio determines how fast a car can go and how much torque it can generate. Most conventional transmissions use four gear ratios, with one reverse gear. Some have two shafts and three inputs. However, if the gear ratios are high, the engine will experience a loss of torque.
In the study of gearbox performance, a large amount of data has been collected. A highly ambitious segmentation process has yielded nearly 20,000 feature vectors. These results are the most detailed and comprehensive of all the available data. This research has a dual curse – the first is the large volume of data collected for the purpose of characterization, while the second is the high dimensionality. The latter is a complication that arises when the experimental gearbox is not designed to perform well.


The main function of a gearhead is to multiply a moment of force and create a mechanical advantage. However, backlash can cause a variety of issues for the system, including impaired positioning accuracy and lowered overall performance. A zero backlash gearbox can eliminate motion losses caused by backlash and improve overall system performance. Here are some common problems associated with backlash in gearheads and how to fix them. After you understand how to fix gearbox backlash, you’ll be able to design a machine that meets your requirements.
To reduce gearbox backlash, many designers try to decrease the center distance of the gears. This eliminates space for lubrication and promotes excessive tooth mesh, which leads to premature mesh failure. To minimize gearbox backlash, a gear manufacturer may separate the two parts of the gear and adjust the mesh center distance between them. To do this, rotate one gear with respect to the fixed gear, while adjusting the other gear’s effective tooth thickness.
Several manufacturing processes may introduce errors, and reducing tooth thickness will minimize this error. Gears with bevel teeth are a prime example of this. This type of gear features a small number of teeth in comparison to its mating gear. In addition to reducing tooth thickness, bevel gears also reduce backlash. While bevel gears have fewer teeth than their mating gear, all of their backlash allowance is applied to the larger gear.
A gear’s backlash can affect the efficiency of a gearbox. In an ideal gear, the backlash is zero. But if there is too much, backlash can cause damage to the gears and cause it to malfunction. Therefore, the goal of gearbox backlash is to minimize this problem. However, this may require the use of a micrometer. To determine how much gearbox backlash you need, you can use a dial gauge or feeler gauge.
If you’ve been looking for a way to reduce backlash, a gearbox’s backlash may be the answer. However, backlash is not a revolt against the manufacturer. It is an error in motion that occurs naturally in gear systems that change direction. If it is left unaccounted for, it can lead to major gear degradation and even compromise the entire system. In this article, we’ll explain how backlash affects gears and how it affects the performance of a gearbox.


The design of gearboxes consists of a variety of factors, including the type of material used, power requirements, speed and reduction ratio, and the application for which the unit is intended. The process of designing a gearbox usually begins with a description of the machine or gearbox and its intended use. Other key parameters to consider during gearbox design include the size and weight of the gear, its overall gear ratio and number of reductions, as well as the lubrication methods used.
During the design process, the customer and supplier will participate in various design reviews. These include concept or initial design review, manufacturing design validation, critical design review, and final design review. The customer may also initiate the process by initiating a DFMEA. After receiving the initial design approval, the design will go through several iterations before the finalized design is frozen. In some cases, the customer will require a DFMEA of the gearbox.
The speed increaser gearboxes also require special design considerations. These gearboxes typically operate at high speeds, causing problems with gear dynamics. Furthermore, the high speeds of the unit increase frictional and drag forces. A proper design of this component should minimize the effect of these forces. To solve these problems, a gearbox should incorporate a brake system. In some cases, an external force may also increase frictional forces.
Various types of gear arrangements are used in gearboxes. The design of the teeth of the gears plays a significant role in defining the type of gear arrangement in the gearbox. Spur gear is an example of a gear arrangement, which has teeth that run parallel to the axis of rotation. These gears offer high gear ratios and are often used in multiple stages. So, it is possible to create a gearbox that meets the needs of your application.
The design of gearboxes is the most complex process in the engineering process. These complex devices are made of multiple types of gears and are mounted on shafts. They are supported by rolling element bearings and are used for a variety of applications. In general, a gearbox is used to reduce speed and torque and change direction. Gearboxes are commonly used in motor vehicles, but can also be found in pedal bicycles and fixed machines.


There are several major segments in the gearbox market, including industrial, mining, and automotive. Gearbox manufacturers are required to understand the application and user industries to design a gearbox that meets their specific requirements. Basic knowledge of metallurgy is necessary. Multinational companies also provide gearbox solutions for the power generation industry, shipping industry, and automotive industries. To make their products more competitive, they need to focus on product innovation, geographical expansion, and customer retention.
The CZPT Group started as a small company in 1976. Since then, it has become a global reference in mechanical transmissions. Its production range includes gears, reduction gearboxes, and geared motors. The company was the first in Italy to achieve ISO certification, and it continues to grow into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of production gearboxes. As the industry evolves, CZPT focuses on research and development to create better products.
The agriculture industry uses gearboxes to implement a variety of processes. They are used in tractors, pumps, and agricultural machinery. The automotive industry uses gears in automobiles, but they are also found in mining and tea processing machinery. Industrial gearboxes also play an important role in feed and speed drives. The gearbox industry has a diverse portfolio of manufacturers and suppliers. Here are some examples of gearboxes:
Gearboxes are complex pieces of equipment. They must be used properly to optimize efficiency and extend their lifespan. Manufacturers employ advanced technology and strict quality control processes to ensure their products meet the highest standards. In addition to manufacturing precision and reliability, gearbox manufacturers ensure that their products are safe for use in the production of industrial machinery. They are also used in office machines and medical equipment. However, the automotive gearbox market is becoming increasingly competitive.

China 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w 3 In 1 Laser Welding Price Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine     best automatic gearbox	China 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w 3 In 1 Laser Welding Price Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine     best automatic gearbox
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China Rice Mill Rice Machine Rice Machinery Rice Milling Machine Gear Box automatic gearbox

Product Description

This gear box has strongpoints of reduced noise,steady transmission,and high-strengh of gear,very good security of shift,and no-leaking oil.


Modle Net Weight(KG) Input Rotational Speed (R/Min) Wind  Inhaling Volume(M^3/H)
TBSL5.five eighty 1440 520*453*328
TBSL7.five one hundred fifty 1440 722*456*322


US $1-3,000
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


Type: Rice Mill
Application: Flour, Beans, Wheat
Voltage: 380V
Appearance: Vertical
Press Materials: Rice
Press Series: Second




Modle Net Weight(KG) Input Rotational Speed (R/Min) Wind  Inhaling Volume(M^3/H)
TBSL5.5 80 1440 520*453*328
TBSL7.5 150 1440 722*456*322
US $1-3,000
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


Type: Rice Mill
Application: Flour, Beans, Wheat
Voltage: 380V
Appearance: Vertical
Press Materials: Rice
Press Series: Second




Modle Net Weight(KG) Input Rotational Speed (R/Min) Wind  Inhaling Volume(M^3/H)
TBSL5.5 80 1440 520*453*328
TBSL7.5 150 1440 722*456*322

The Different Types of Gearboxes

There are many different types of gearboxes. Some brands have more than one type. In this article, we’ll discuss the planetary gearbox, the worm reduction gearbox, the shaft mounted gearbox, and the one speed gearbox. This article will also help you determine which type of gearbox is best for your vehicle. And don’t worry if you don’t know the terminology yet. We’ll explain each type in detail so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Planetary gearbox

Planetary gears have many advantages. The multiple gears in a planetary gearbox mesh simultaneously during operation. As such, they provide high efficiency and transmit high transmittable torque. These gears are widely used in various industries and are resistant to high shock loads and demanding conditions. CZPT is one of the companies that offer planetary gearboxes. Its products do not require special tools for assembly, and its scalable design minimizes safety stock.
Among the numerous benefits of planetary gearing is its compactness and lightweight. As such, it is suitable for wide applications with space and weight constraints. However, to truly appreciate its benefits, it is necessary to understand its mechanisms. Here are some of the most common details about planetary gearing:
The planetary gearbox has two mounted gears: an input shaft and an output shaft. Each gear has multiple teeth that are attached to a carrier and rotate with the input shaft. The carrier is connected to the output shaft. A planetary gear is mounted on both gears via a carrier. The carrier rotates in order to drive the planetary gear. The sun gear is often the input gear. The other gear is called the outer gear.
Planetary gearboxes are highly customizable. The size, mounting, and housing options vary, as do the reduction ratios and input speeds. Different types can be manufactured for different applications and include options such as electrical or mechanical preload. The final design of a planetary gearbox can be highly customized, based on the specifications of the application. By combining engineering excellence and ongoing innovation, planetary gearboxes provide years of trouble-free operation.
A planetary gearbox can be either an electric motor or a manual one. The latter has more features than the former, and can be used in applications where space is an issue. The primary features of a planetary gearbox include its backlash, torque, and ratio. Secondary features include noise, corrosion resistance, and construction. A planetary gearbox is a highly versatile gearbox that can drive anything from simple machinery to advanced electrical systems.

Worm reduction gearbox

The global worm reduction gearbox market report compiles key insights from the industry to help you improve your business strategy. This report will help you create a comprehensive business document that will enhance your company’s competitive edge. To obtain this report, visit our website now! Read our latest report to find out what you can expect from the global worm reduction gearbox market. Alternatively, request a sample copy for more details. Here is a sneak peek of the report:
Worm gears are made with different thread counts and are usually not matched with the CZPT standard. In general, a single thread worm should be used with a single thread worm. Worm gears have either right or left threads, and their thread count will be different as well. This type of gear is used to reduce the speed of a rotating shaft. The speed reduction ratio will be about 50 percent if the worms have the same thread count as the CZPT gears.
The standard gear set transfers power at the peak load point of a tooth, called the pitchline. The worm gear moves slowly against the wheel’s metal surface. The worm gear is also more complex than the standard gear because the worm is sliding rather than rolling. Worm gears are hard to lubricate. Moreover, the sliding contact between the gear and worm increases the complexity of the gear set. They can be a great solution for applications where noise is a significant factor.
The axial pitch and circular pitch of the worm are equal. The ratio of these two indices determines the speed of transmission. For a worm reduction gearbox to work, the axial pitch and the circular pitch must match. The pitch angle of a worm can either be left-handed or right-handed. The lead of a worm is the distance one thread travels in one revolution. The lead angle is the angle tangent to the thread helix of the cylinder’s pitch. When a worm mesh is reversed, the majority of the mesh will be on the receding arc.
Worm gears generate more heat than their counterparts, so it is important to choose a worm reduction gearbox carefully. You will want to choose the material and amount of lubricating oil carefully. Worm gears are generally made of tin bronze. The paired worms are hardened to HRC45-55. In general, they are durable, lasting up to ten years. But they will wear out – and they wear out – so you may want to consider some other factors.

Shaft-mounted gearbox

Shaft-mounted gearboxes are designed for a variety of mining and quarry applications. Their high reliability and low maintenance make them an excellent choice in these types of applications. Shaft-mounted gearboxes also feature an optional backstop device that prevents the unit from rotating in one direction. This makes them an excellent choice for applications where alignment accuracy is an issue. Here are some of the benefits of using a shaft-mounted gearbox:
Shaft-mounted gearboxes are typically constructed of aluminium, and come in sizes ranging from 050 to 125. They feature a variety of reduction ratios and ensure optimum efficiency in all operating conditions. New S series sizes, 140 and 150, extend the application range of shaft-mounted gearmotors. They are both backed by a two-year warranty. For even greater peace of mind, Shaft-mounted gearboxes are available with a range of warranty options.
The most common applications for a Shaft-mounted gearbox include traction-driven applications where a low-speed shaft is required for operation. They also are suitable for applications without a foundation, where the motor is mounted next to the reducer. To prevent the gear drive from rotating, a torque arm is attached between the motor and the shaft. Small-sized shaft-mounted gear drives are usually made without motor mount kits, which can make them an excellent choice for conveying light loads.
Another important feature of a Shaft-mounted gearbox is its mounting position. The reduced motion through the drive is redirected through the shaft, creating additional forces. These additional forces can affect the performance of the gearbox, causing vibrations and noise. Consequently, it is important to replace worn or damaged belts on a regular basis. Further, shaft-mounted gearboxes can be affected by problems with other components and amplify vibrations.

1 speed gearbox

CZPT Group Components produces one speed gearboxes. These transmissions are produced in the CZPT Group’s Kassel plant. They are compact and robust, and are designed for easy integration. The Bosch Rexroth GD1 one-speed gearbox is easy to install horizontally or vertically. The Plug and Drive system integrates the gearbox with the existing cooling system. There are many other benefits to this gearbox.
With an ID.3 electric drive motor, the maximum torque is delivered at 16,000 rpm. This single-speed transmission offers high power density and excellent noise-reduction, making it ideal for electric vehicles. The e-drive motor is extremely quiet and requires precision manufacturing. The e-drive motor also enables a wide range of driving conditions. It can reverse when needed, and reaches its maximum speed at 16,000.
The single-speed gearbox is a standard feature on most electric vehicles. Some electric vehicles, such as the Porsche Taycan, will be equipped with a two-speed gearbox. This gearbox offers more top speed and range, but it is more complex than a standard single-speed gearbox. CZPT doesn’t need to add complexity to its electric vehicles. After all, a 355 horsepower family wagon is not likely to need a dual-speed gearbox.
In addition to simplifying the transmission, the patent claims also address improvements in structural design. Fig. 5 shows a schematic representation of a transmission 50′, wherein gear sets Z1 and Z4 are exchanged between partial transmissions. This switch matrix also reflects the synchronized gears and lastshelf gears. Hydraulically betatigte Lamellenkupplungen (HBA) also form a last-shelf gear.
Another advantage of the patent claim is that it offers numerous functional freedoms, which is especially valuable in the design of an automobile. One of the patent claims identifies a tosatzlicher middle gear that allows a driver to switch between second and third gears, with a single gearbox. In a conventional one-speed transmission, the tosatzlicher middle gear is attached to the second and first part gearbox. The latter has a second and third gear.

China Rice Mill Rice Machine Rice Machinery Rice Milling Machine Gear Box     automatic gearbox	China Rice Mill Rice Machine Rice Machinery Rice Milling Machine Gear Box     automatic gearbox
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Wonderful consideration has been paid on environmental safety and energy conserving. Innovative thermo remedy tools, this kind of as community warmth treatment method oven, multi-use thermo treatment oven, and so forth. Complete use has been produced of all types of innovative methods and engineering to attain excelsior production. EPTToXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ng EPTT gasket slicing EPTT price tag

EPTT rewards

EPTToXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ng’s CNC oscillating knife slicing EPTT, your professional option for cutting 5D/7D auto mat.
Our EPTT recognize DXF/PLT structure from computer, dieless slicing source the most fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.bility, it can reduce any shapes and dimensions rapidly and completely.
Also, you will find no want for the EPTT to rest or cooling, 24 hours constant and effective functioning is promised.

It can reduce lower-levels at 1 time, or reducing unrestricted in length with vehicle feeding and cradle.
Bodily cut do not respond with resources, so no smoke and scent will generate throughout cutting.

Our EPTT is straightforward to understand and function.
EPT keep is easy and secure.

Thorough Photographs

EPTT Parameter

Product no. ZX-2516V
Operating location 2500 times1600 mm(L*W) (accept customization)
EPTT measurement 3355x2410x1250 mm(L*W*H)
Reducing thickness .1-twenty five. mm (rely on materials)
Chopping precision .1mm
Max cutting velocity 1200 mm/s (count on material)
EPTT interface Ethernet
Rated EPTT 11KW
Doing work voltage AC 110V 220V 380V plusmn10%, 50HZ
Mounted type Clever EPT adsorption
Travel technique Servo motor, linear XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. rail, rack and pinion
Basic safety unit Infrared sensors, 4 emergency cease buttons
EPTT panel Liquid crystal exhibit
Chopping extent Through-reduce
StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd configuration Oscillating slicing device, purple ligEPTT pointing, car feeder
Optional configurations Driven rotary cutting instrument, punching device (V-form or circle condition), drawing instrument, CCD camera, scanner, cradle(vehicle or regular), package deal box
Working attribute Work offline 24 hrs steady and successful functioning

Our sample

EPTT amp Supply


HangEPT everEPTT EPTT,Ltd.

HangEPT everEPTT EPTT Ltd is a large-tech EPTTrprise which is EPTTized in analysis and deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ment, generation, revenue and service of CNC knife reducing equipment and associated CAD/CAM computer software method.

EPTToXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ng offer an automated, computerized slicing systems minimize with precision and repeatability and have been engineered for solitary, low-ply cutting demands.

EPT slicing equipment offer the utmost fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.bility for hundreds of gentle and some challenging-to-minimize substance applications in numerous EPTT, this kind of as XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ment Sneakers amp Accessories Gasket EPTT Advertising and marketing House furnishing EPTT Interiors Arts amp Crafts Toys Sporting merchandise Tenting amp Outdoor EPT, and many others.

EPTToXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ng supply the perfect remedy for prototyping, short-run creation and entire production runs, tackling down issues of customization and quickly delivery.

We have experienced wonderful accomplishment in EPTT, and will be EPTTed by innovation and uncompromising stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rds in the EPT.



Q: one. How can I pick the suited car mat slicing EPTT?
A: Please provide us some data, then we can advise you the suited EPTT:
one)What components are heading to lower? Are they rolled or not? Breathable or not?
two)What is the biggest size of original components?
3)What is actually the thickness of supplies?
four)Excepting for reducing, do you require much more functions, like drawing, punching holes, scHangEPT, feeding, CCD camera, etc.?

Q: two. Can you design and style a auto mat reducing EPTT for me based on my requirements?
A: Of training course, we will give our skilled propose and discuss specifics with you for the EPTT which can match your request and with ideal EPT functionality.

Q: three. What must I do if the auto mat cutting EPTT has any dilemma in EPT?
A: We supply on the web/telephone complex help and door to door services. Anything at all confuse or not goes nicely, you can speak to us.

Q: 4. What is actually the guarantee plan?

StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd guarantee is 12 months upon shipping and delivery.
Main parts are free of cost(apart from consumable components) when troubles transpired since of good quality dilemma during this time period.
Troubles caused by mistaken work will also well-solved, but not for free.
We also offer daily life EPTT after-product sales provider. No issue when, you can guarantee our best services for your EPTT.

Q: five. If I do not know this automobile mat EPTT before, how can I work it?
A: We offer experience to face training and offer operating video, person handbook, and phone calls to support.
It truly is effortless to learn, 1 inexperience men and women can understand it inside of 1 working day.

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In 2008, it was awarded with “Nationwide Export Commodity Inspection-cost-free Business”. Our business pays certain consideration to customers’ demands, listening to the particular needs of each customer and guaranteeing overall fulfillment. Our solution variety contains all varieties of helical equipment, spur gear, bevel gear, equipment rack, worm equipment, sprockets,chains, bearings. Professional automated cnc wooden turning lathe EPTT minimal price


one) EPT performance and very good surface area complete.The EPTT has two cutters: the tough turning cutter and the finish turning cutter, which work synchronously with layered procedure, and for that reason extremely increase doing work efficiency and workpiece surface area high quality.
two) EPT precision and accuracy: EPT-duty composition with very good stability, avoid shaking in the course of the spindle rotating quickly or the huge measurements workpiece processing furthermore, the spindle pace is adjustable through the inverter.
EPT precision stepper motor, by means of plan calculating, assures the actual processing dimensions.
three) EPT and risk-free procedure and reduced maintenance EPT: XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.nized and updatable operation method and USB interface, easy and practical to adjust the operating pattern with out live programming.
four) Very good Compatibility: freely design and style and engrave all varieties of patterns and textual content, which are developed by Coredraw, Artcam, AutoCAD and other software program.
5) EPT and EPT-EPT EPTT:Germany ball screw and EPTTiwan PMI linear sq. rail with substantial transmitting precision and EPTT functioning time.
six) Ideal particulars processing EPT: each and every element is taken care of and inspected quite seriously so that ideal EPTT could be manufactured.
7) Matured and ideal right after-product sales provider program all around the clock.

Parameters of CNC wooden lathe EPTT








EPTTble Bed Dimensions (mm)

1500 *160mm

1500 *300mm

2000 *300mm


EPTTler system

DSP handle technique

Reducing pace



XiHu (West EPT) Dis.hu (West EPT) Dis. inverter

Driving Technique

Step motor and EPTrs

X,Y,Z aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.s XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. rail

EPTTiwan EPT XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. rail

Repeat positioning precision


Method precision


EPTT product

EPT rack EPT

Working Voltage

110V/ 200V/ 380V

Application supported

Other software program output code

Details of CNC wood lathe EPTT
Solid iron composition mattress,extremely heavy and quite secure

EPTT box,very tidy,neat and realistic

Defense gadget,in circumstance the components crack off from chucking EPT and damage people.

Air cylinder,can be managed by foot-change and correct supplies firmly.

Software of CNC wooden lathe EPTT
Applications : Rolling pin, staircase columns, curved rounds, vases, tables and chairs, European staircase columns, picket hangers and washbasins,Cylindrical, conical, curved, spherical and other complex styles of rotating wooden goods or semi-finished wooden products.
Software industry : home furniture manufacturing facility, staircase manufacturing unit, decoration company, picket handicraft manufacturing factory, and many others.
Applicable materials : Can procedure a range of wooden resources, such as beech, oak, beech, birch, teak, Sapele,Ash, pineapple, sXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.lwood, rosewood, and many others.

EPTT amp cargo :

Help save space as considerably as feasible for container loading.

  • Inside of:Water-evidence Plastic Film Deal With Foam Defense
  • Outdoors:Solid Seaworthy EPT Box Package deal
  • Under: Metal EPT

Our support:
1.Totally free samples(I can give you samples for free)
2.Warranty:2 many years
three.EPT software, person manual and procedure CD videos.
four.Doorway-to-door technological provider and 24 several hours EPT online assistance with Skype,WhatsApp,QQ or by mail and phone.
5.Intercontinental quality certification:CE,ISO9001:2008,EPT elements are UL and CE certificated
6.Every single cnc router EPTT should be examined for 18 several hours just before delivery , so all of them are absolutelyqualified.

The EPTTs we are manufacturing and supplying:
cnc router, large watts fiber laser EPTT,
wooden cnc EPTT, wood lathe,laser engraving
EPTT, fiber laser marking EPTT,
plasma slicing EPTT, oscilating EPTT,
stone carving EPTT
And aside from good top quality EPTTs over, CO2 laser supply, CO2 EPT laser tube, drinking water chiller, Air pump, enthusiast, lens and mirror, laser slicing head and so forth.
Thanks to your correspondence reply, we can give you ideal quotation appropriately,
Thanks in EPT

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one.What materials will you procedure ?
2.What is maXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum measurement ( EPT length, width and max thickness or Z aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.s heigEPTT )
3.Will you only engrave on materials or lower as well? If you reduce , what is the maXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum thickness of the material?
four. make sure you do not be bothered by the price, value dependent on the EPTT configuration, all types of branded EPTT areas you can choose dear friend.
4. By the way, do you have or , So we can speak much more conveniently, And your e mail make sure you.

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In 2000, EPG took the direct in getting ISO14001 atmosphere administration certificate and thereafter passed the inspection of thoroughly clean creation and recycling economy, profitable the title of “Zhejiang Eco-friendly Organization”. specialize in energy transmission products, CATV products, mechanical seal, hydraulic and Pheumatic, and promotional merchandise. Far more importantly, we make specific parts in accordance to equipped drawings/samples and warmly welcome OEM inquiries.

EPTT Aluminium Cap Beer Filling EPTT

Functions existing are as under
1. Adopts the damaging stress filling which we exclusively layout for CSD filling, it assures small loss of CO2 from the merchandise
2. The configuration of filler is EPTd, pithy and rational and the driving and up-down EPTT is located among the stainless steel functioning plat and the bracket and their water-resistant is excellent, sanitary and credible and changing and mainXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. are quite easy.
3. We design and style the filling valves on basis of overseas EPTd technique for adapting higher-speed very hot filling. It can make certain the valves open up and near fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.bly due to the fact of employing XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. sheath. Adopting easy-fixed configuration, the valve is straightforward to cleansing instantly and has automatic cleansing operate.
four. The filling operation is faster and a lot more steady due to the fact the new type micro stress filling program is adopted.
5. The electropneumatic filling valves are outfitted with interchangeable degree tubes to make the best precision filling, and the filling amount for the bottle is modify.

Main equipments as beneath:

one. Drinking water treatment method method (quartz sand filter, energetic carbon filter, softner, RO method and so on)
two. Ozone generator sterilizer
3. Aseptic drinking water storage tank
4. SuXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. melting tank amp syrup filter
five. Flavour blending tank amp syrup cooler
six. Co2 drink mixer amp Co2 filter
7. H2o chiller
eight. Vehicle bottle washing, filling and capping line
9. Labeling EPTT
10. Date of manufacture printer
11. Last items movie EPTT EPTT and so on.

This sequence of wine filling EPTT is mainly used for liquor and all sorts of spirits filling and sealing in EPT bottles, also in accordance to customers’ calls for, to fill in PET bottles, which is with washing, filling and capping monoblock. Such sequence of EPTT can fill with different capacities as specifications. Jointly with other assistant equipments used in the line for alcoholic beverages creation line.
Features of the wine filling EPTT
one.Filling valve adopts higher precision mechanical filling valve, with the character of no bottle no EPT pumping.
2.Open EPT combinated EPT box EPTT, with no-off unit. Frequency conversion velocity modulation system extends the velocity modulating scope
3.This EPTT has self oil lubrication gadget so that the lubrication points could be lubricated regularly in time. The EPTT is of large efficiency, low sounds and EPTT life.
four.CEPTTring XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. is of double XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. bar type, with the operate of pre-covering.
5.Wine jar and capping head are EPTn by handbook, also can be EPTn by electricity to in shape different dimensions of bottles.
6.The substance heigEPTT in the tank is managed by electrical probe to guarantee the specific liquid level.

EPTnique parameter:

Design: NC18-eighteen-6B NC24-24-8B NC32-32-12B NC40-forty-12B
capacity :500ml 5000 8000 12000 16000
bottle shape: roEPTTor square
cap: ROPP cap
total measurement:(mm) 2450*1800
weight: (kg) 3500 4500 5500 6500

Factory Introduction

EPTEPTTgang EPTT XiHu (West EPT) Dis.hu (West EPT) Dis. EPTTry EPTT,Ltd is the skilled manufacturer of EPTTrage EPTTs in EPTT. The manufacturing facility EPTT is located in EPTEPTTgang EPTT of EPTTngsu Province, about 110km from ZheJiang and 50km from HangEPT.

Our major products addresses: bottle h2o manufacturing line/ juice drink manufacturing line/ carbonated drink generation line/ five gallon barrled h2o manufacturing line and auXiHu (West EPT) Dis.liary gear for thers traces.

15 many years of knowledge in the business insu prores very first class quality of our items. A excellent reputation of support bougEPTT us buyers from dozens international countries.

Seeking EPTT to estabEPTTng a wonderful enterprise romantic relationship you.

welcome to XiHu (West EPT) Dis.HU (WEST LAKE) DIS.

Pricey Mr/Ms:
This is Sunny, the income from EPTEPTTgang NanEPTTg EPTTry EPTT, Ltd.
Be trustworthy with you, NanEPTTg has been EPTTized in the creation of EPTTrage EPTTry for fifteen years, which is a specialist maker of EPTTrage EPTT solutions. We have prosperous knowledge in production and maintenance. Our business has exported into The usa, Japan, TEPTTd, Russia, Zambia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Yemen, etc.
Pls EPTT us, that our company can support you and serve you well.

Service Edge:
1.Aggressive value with excellent high quality.
two.ODM/OEM srvice available.
three.In-time delivery assure.
four.One particular calendar year warranty for EPTT EPTT.
five.1 yr spare elements free of cost.
6.Engineers abailable for installation and location up.
seven.Training of employees to manage procedure.



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Total use has been manufactured of all kinds of advanced techniques and engineering to get to excelsior producing. Our professionals and engineers have 23 several years of Experience in the Bearing Sector. We also can layout and make non-normal goods to meet up with customers’ unique requirements. Welcome to EPTTicang EPTT EPTTry EPTT, Ltd

At EPTT EPTTry, we give EPT Mill, Roll Forming EPTT, Slitting amp Lower to duration Line and corresponding components, and meet up with your EPT needs. Speak to us rigEPTT now!

Principal Specification
1. EPTT measurement: 26m times3m times5m(duration timeswidth timesheight)
two. Feeding path: rigEPTT to left
three. EPTT: 380V, 50Hz, 3P
four. Air supply: flux .5m3/min strain: .7MPa
5. EPT oil: forty six#
6. EPT oil: 18# hypoid EPT oil
7. Coil width: max 735mm
8. Coil thickness: one.5 – 3. mm
9. Coil substance:S235JR with produce strength 235Mpa
10. The EPTT roll forming EPTT line pace: five-10 m/min
eleven. The platform length: 3000 mm
12. Complete EPTT EPTT:about 40KW

This EPTT can generate 1.5-3. mm platform, the certain drawing as beneath:

EPTnical flow:
Decoiler #8594 Straightening #8594 Servo feeding #8594 Punching #8594 Roll forming #8594 Cut off #8594EXiHu (West EPT) Dis.t rack

Principal factors complex parameters
one. Decoiler

Coil width:max 735 mmCoil thickness: 1.5 – two.5mm
Coil ID: phi508mm, enlargement range: #1092480 – 520 mm
With further 4pcs of 50mm clamp,the growth assortment can get to #1092580-620 mm
Max coil OD: phi1800mm Coil bodyweight le8T

2. Straightening EPTT
a. doing work roll:5 rolls type
b. framework:the straightening roll mechanical houses like rigidity and area roughness improve a great deal following chrome coated and hardening and tempering, which is composed of pinching roll and straightening roll, the pinching roll can be adjusted independently, integral up straightening roll with entrance-back 2 altering details to kind specified incline angle, boost the straightening high quality.
In the straightening EPTT feeding EPT, there are a pair of horizontal XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. roll and 2 pairs vertical XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. roll, vertical XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. roll can be cEPTTring and synchronous moved, handwheel adjustment with gauge
In the entrance and back again of straightening EPTT has guide amp XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. unit, there is image-electrical sign between straightening EPTT and feeder, the comments signal EPTTr management program, the manage method deliver orEPTTto converter motor to alter pace to handle the accumulating quantity in accumulating EPT, as a result recognize steady straightening

three. Servo Feeding Unit
a. Purpose: servo feeding
b. Drive: 3kw
c. Feeding distance:set as per creation demand from customers

4. Punching Device
Structure: Yangli Team JF21-one hundred sixty puncher to punch
Puncher:welded metal plate bed, beautiful and higher rigidity
Stamping die: Blended pneumatic core pulling

5. Roll Former
Forming station:29 rows
Concluded generation:scaffold system
Forming stand: solid iron stand EPT box variety
Max feeding coil width:900mm
Max coil thickness:1.5-three. mm
Roll shaft diameter: phi80 mm
Roll shaft material:Gcr15, quenching, EPTC 58-62 deg
Principal EPT motor:30kw converter motor

6. Lower Off Device
a. Type: EPT reduce off (with waste material minimize off)
b. Construction: locates guiding roll previous, the chopping size can be established freely.
Blade material: Cr12MoV, no burr with substantial doing work lifestyle, fast change, really easy and handy to alter blade length
c. Blade quantity:one set

7. EXiHu (West EPT) Dis.t Rack
Construction: roll type, EPTTless

E. Electric powered handle technique
one. the EPTT use PLC handle, Lcd contact EPT and HMI, set the program which can run instantly, the operator supervise the handle process, comprehend the operator manage the generation line and modify the handle parameters, and genuine time keep track of the tools running position, parameters and bogus alarm, the profile duration environment, adjustment and many others
two. procedure manner has guide and automated variety and freely change, unEPTTmanual standing, can operate a single EPTT which is handy for EPTT upkeep, unEPTTautomatic status, it perform the EPTT line running, commence by sequence, the EPTT line has unexpected emergency cease button for emergent matter to safe the EPTT and personnel protection
three. around the EPTT has manual operation panel for operator
four the checking operate: genuine time monitoring of generation line, keep an eye on each and every working unit status


Major Customersv

1) Q: Will you produce the rigEPTT products as purchased? How can I EPTT you?

A: Sure, we will. We are EPT supplier of Manufactured-in-EPTT with SGS assessment (Audit report can be supplied). We have cooperated with numerous buyers all more than the world with large industry reputation, no concerns.
2) Q: How to pick the EPT Mill Line?
A: You have to notify us following information:
– The pipe content
– Spherical pipe selection
– Square pipe variety
– Rectangle pipe variety
– Wall thickness variety
– The pipe utilization
three) Q: How to pick the Roll Forming EPTT?
A: You have to notify us following information:
– Coil materials
– Coil thickness
– Coil weight
– Cutting sort
– Profiles drawings
– Other EPTT interest
four) Q: How to select the Slitting Line amp Cut to Duration line?
A: You have to notify us subsequent details:
– Coil materials
– Coil thickness
– Coil width
– Coil excess weight
– Completed measurements
– Other EPTT attention
55) Q: The place is the nearest airport to your firm?
A: ZheJiang Putong or XiHu (West EPT) Dis.hu (West EPT) Dis.ao Airport.
6) Q: How about your provider?
A: Before product sales:
EPTnical Support: TGMCO will supply thorough specialized information such as technological amp business offer you, EPTT images, running online video, format, procedure guide, and show you doing work EPTTs in our manufacturing facility.
Use Visa: TGMCO will provide officially invitation letter to use Visa in china embassy as authority techniques and needs.
Right after sales: TGMCO provides comprehensive Soon after EPT Support and Service to satisfy our customer want.
Drawings: Supply the foundation drawing, electric powered scheme and wiring diagram, EPT drawing, pneumatic amp electric powered pipeline drawing and other drawings asked for by client.
Installation and commissioning: TGMCO will deliver our experts to customer’s workshop for supervision of installation and commission
Training of Customers’ technician/employees throughout commission
Breakdown Assist: We supply one yr guarantee services for primary essential elements apart from consumables
Advise quick technological assistance and advice to client by cellphone or e-mail.
Expert and experienced engineers are able of working with any variety of breakdowns.
EPTnical support perform carried out in Customer’s internet site if needed.
Urgently offer mechanical or electronic elements.
Quick provide of spare parts and wearing parts to cover foreseeable specifications

EPTT amp Shipping and delivery

Not only the Great EPTT, but also the Most Attentive Support
Integrity Resolution amp Turnkey Project
Creat the Benefit of Steel

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